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I'm from a small town in Louisiana where success is measured by the score of the last high school football game and opportunities are hard to come by.  Lucky for me both my parents are teachers. They instilled in me the importance of education and serving the community. With their guidance and support, I was able to earn my J.D. from Tulane University School of Law. Now, I'm eager to put my education and experience to work for this community. 


I can no longer sit back and watch as the government allows crisis to be stacked on top of crisis while large corporations bring in record profits, and we are left to fend for ourselves. The multitude of issues we face today may not be our fault, but they are our responsibility. I refuse to allow these problems to be passed down to our children. With your help, we can meet these challenges and know we did all we could for to secure a better future for our children. 

Where We Stand

Climate Change

There is no sense in debating whether or not climate change is real. The fossil fuel industry has known since at least the 1970's, but just like the tobacco companies, they hid the detrimental effects of their products. They can't hide anymore. We can all see and feel these effects for ourselves. Stronger storms, frequent wildfires, higher temperatures, and water scarcity are daily reminders that we must take action. People are dying right now due to climate change. For the sake of our children, for the survival of our world, we must do all we can to address this crisis. 


We must make a significant investment in public transportation. By adding high speed rail service and sustainable public transportation throughout the state, we will reduce carbon emissions, reduce traffic deaths, and create jobs. There is no reason to waste money adding more and more lanes to our streets and highways. We know this does nothing to reduce traffic. Instead, we can invest this money in something that will improve the quality of life for all Coloradans. 


Our public schools are underfunded. If we truly value our children's education, this can not continue. We are losing passionate, gifted educators and staff year after year. We must increase the pay for the teachers, paraprofessionals, and the other staff members we rely on to provide our children a quality education. I trust our teachers when they tell me about the enormous pressure being put upon them, and I trust they know how to best address many of those issues. That is why I will do all I can to strengthen and empower our educators with the funding and support they need to best serve our community.


There is no denying that housing is growing problem in our community. The lack of affordable housing is leading to a growing population with no housing whatsoever . The issue of affordable housing requires action on multiple fronts. Adjusting zoning laws, incentivizing the construction and management of affordable housing, and assisting homebuyers and renters alike are just a few ways to help avert this growing problem. The way we address the current those currently without housing is pretty straight forward in comparison. Implementing a "Housing First" program has been shown time and time again to be the most effective way to reduce homelessness. All we need to do is implement this proven solution. 

Individual Rights

Our government was created to secure our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Without the government, these rights would be trampled upon and ignored by the rich and powerful just as they were in the past. There is an attempt to do that now using the conservative U.S. Supreme Court to circumvent the will of the people. It is clear the explicit and express codification of our rights at the state level is required to stave off this attack. We can no longer rely on legal precedent or legislative norms.

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